Margaux Wosk (Retrophiliac) (they/them) is an Autistic, Non-binary, self-taught artist, designer, writer, entrepreneur, disability advocate and activist based in Vancouver, BC (Unceded Coast Salish Territory). Margaux has always been a creative person. Coming from an eccentric family of artists, they credit them for fostering their unique vision. They have been able to utilise their one-of-a-kind ideas as an outlet for positive change, self expression, and vibrant works of art.
Margaux designs merchandise including a line of neurodiversity pride pieces and hopes to break down barriers and eliminate stigma. Proudly, they utilise their art to open a dialogue of what Autistic and disabled people are capable of. Margaux’s body of work comes in many forms, including vibrant, retro inspired paintings and mixed media work, to enamel pins, patches and stickers. Most notably, Margaux’s neurodiversity and autistic pride collections have garnered attention from around the world. Utilising their art to open a dialogue of what disabled people are capable of, Margaux continues to trailblaze the way for other self-employed people in their position.
They have received multiple BC Arts Council Grants, their art was featured on the cover of York University’s Mental Health Literacy Guide for Autism, they also have extensive press coverage and have shown in multiple galleries. Margaux’s merchandise is available on retrophiliac.etsy.com, as well as www.shopretrophiliac.com. They also have their items in 20 brick and mortar retail stores. They are the Lower Mainland West Director of BC People First, they founded the Facebook groups ‘Made by Autistics Community’ and ‘Made by Autistics Marketplace’.
Creativity is in Margaux’s DNA. Being Neurodivergent helps them see things their own way. Expressing themself through art helps them connect to the world around them. They primarily work with acrylic paint and paint markers, they are also known to work with mixed media and digital works. They are inspired by pop culture of the 1960’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Margaux’s artist pseudonym “Retrophiliac” encapsulates their wonder with the past. Their art features a vibrant palette, expressive movement, and surreal worlds. When painting, they trust the process and allow themself to work intuitively, channelling their inner child and transforming the music they listen to into energetic pieces. The result is usually eye-catching colours, textures, shapes, and movement. Their primary themes are; rainbows, birds, flowers, houses, trees, and geometric shapes. They live their life in stunning colour and when they create art, it’s truly a piece of their soul.